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SIBiLS Collections

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Medline is a comprehensive database of biomedical literature, containing citations and abstracts from thousands of scientific journals worldwide. It covers a wide range of disciplines within the biomedical field, including medicine, genetics or biology.

Biodiverstity PMC

PubMed Central (PMC) is an open-access repository that hosts full-text articles from a diverse array of biomedical and life sciences journals. It provides free access to a vast collection of peer-reviewed research literature, including articles funded by various public and private organizations.

In SIBiLS, the PMC collection is enriched by publications dealing with biodiversity (such as Pensoft articles), thus creating Biodiversity PMC.

Supplementary data

PMC Supplementary files, available in PubMed Central, encompass a variety of additional data such as images, videos, data tables, research appendices, and supplementary documents. These supplementary files are often used to provide more comprehensive context to a scientific article or to share raw data, detailed methods, or additional analyses, but are not included in the main manuscript.

In SIBiLS, the text contained in images, csv, spreasheets, Word files... has been extracted using a variety of techniques (such as OCR), giving users the opportunity to search in this rich content.

Plazi treatments

Plazi treatments are structured descriptions of taxonomic treatments extracted from scholarly publications. These treatments provide detailed information about the classification, description, and identification of species, including synonyms, distribution, and ecological notes. Plazi treatments are crucial for biodiversity research, providing standardized and easily accessible information to taxonomists, ecologists, and conservationists worldwide.