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How to upload your publications in SIBiLS



SIBiLS has its own FTP server where publishers can deposit / update / delete publications. These publications are then integrated into BiodiversityPMC. If additional files are added, they will be integrated into the SuppData collection of SIBiLS. Here is how to proceed for uploading your publication in SIBiLS:

  • Fill the contract and send to julien.gobeill[at]
  • Receive a login/pwd for SIBiLS FTP
  • With your login, you can connect to SIBiLS FTP, and you have a directory at your disposal.
  • Upload your articles to FTP :
    • For articles, the recommended format is JATS XML- to upload other formats (e.g., PDF) please inquire to the support by email.
    • If you have supplementary data files attached to the articles, the recommended procedure is to place each article and its additional files in a tar.gz archive.
    • You can add, update, or delete any articles.
    • SIBiLS will monitor FTP actions to update the collection on a daily basis
    • You are free to create directories to structure repositories (to avoid having too many files in the same directory).